IMG_7809  Mr James knight  Acting  Headteacher

Mrs Tara Beynon         Acting Deputy Head, Foundation Lead part time Reception Teacher

Mrs Alison Evans         Acting Deputy Head, Key Stage Two Part Time Year Five Teacher.

Mrs Vikki Jones             TLR 2A Alnco Lead Year two Teacher

Mrs Cath Thomas        TLR2A  Maths and Numeracy Lead  Year Four Teacher

Miss Sarah Higgs          TLR2A   Literacy Communication Lead Empathy Lead Year Six Teacher

Mrs Abigail Gleaves      Addional Nursery Team Leader

Miss Anna Thomas        HLTA   AM/PM Nursery Team Leader

Miss  Farat Jamal           Reception Teacher

Ms Sarah Barnes              Year One Teacher

Mrs Sarah O’Connor       Year One Teacher

Miss Vitti Colasanto         Year Two Teacher

Mrs Vicki Murray              Year Three Teacher

Mrs Joanne Fitzgerald     Year Three Teacher

Mrs Leeanne Davies        Year Four Teacher

Mrs Karen Hayes              Year Five Teacher

Miss Hannah Jones           Year Six Teacher

Mr Russell Bevan                 PPA Teacher

Mrs Denise Lewis                 PPA Teacher

Mrs FFiona Hadley               Year Five /ReceptionTeacher

Pastoral Team

Mrs Deborah Baker               Pastoral Team Leader

Miss Clare Jones                     Pastoral Officer

Miss Sarah Abraham             HLTA    Accelerated Learning Lead

Miss Bethan Gorman            Accerlerated  Learning

Mrs Andrea Lewis                  Speech and  Language

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Helen Jones         Nursery

Mrs Sarah Knight         Nursery

Mrs Nicola Saunders    Reception

Miss   Nicola Landers      Reception

Miss Joanna Spring        Reception

Mrs Amy Jenkins             Reception

Miss Olivia Melville Jones     Reception

Mrs Rebecca McKinnon        Year One

Mrs Sue Jones                         Year One

Mrs katherine Davies             Year Two

Mrs  Andrea Bowlan                YearTwo

Miss Julie Morris                      Year Two

Mrs Heledd Sherwood              Year Two/Communicator

Mrs Micelle Stevens                   Year Three

Mrs Nansi Jenkins                       Year Four

Mrs Sue Mills                                Year Four

Mrs Janet Williams                        Year Five

Mrs Sarah Bishop                          Year Five

Mrs Debbie Veasey                         Year Five

Mr Mathew Morgan                          Year Six

Mr Martin Jones                                 Site Manager/ IT Team

Mrs Alisson White Office                   Manager / Attendance Officer

Mrs Nicola Yeoman-Marshall            Admin










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